Fredflare & How to get around giving up cakes for lent


After this amazingly sunny weekend, I've been thinking about festivals, travelling and holidays! On one of my favourite websites: Fredflare I was searching for summer accessories, they have it all, ready for your summer plans.

1. Dixie Straw Hat. Perfect for a day in the sun, at a picnic in the park or just in the garden
2.Charlie Sunglasses. Retro tortoiseshell frames for a vintage inspired look.
3, The Jeffrey Campbell Lace Lita Platform Boots are literally incredible and I think these would look great in the summer teamed with a floral maxi dress, I think I would even wear them with my pajamas because they make every outfit!
4. Given up cakes for lent? try this alternative, now you can have raspberry cream tart, cream tart, chocolate cream puff, and yummy strawberry cream tart.on your lips all day long. say good bye to 'A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips' just sweet smelling lipgloss! 
(These are going for $20, but I got these exact 4set for 99p each in a conershop in Cornwall)