A little taste of summer


It's been such glorious weather lately it's been making me think about the sunnier times to come (or not, seeing as this is England we're talking about, but we can only hope) 

When I think of summer, I think of sunny mornings on my patio eating breakfast and making fruit smoothies. I've always wanted one of these mini blenders, I see Jamie Oliver use his for almost everything he does on his Thirty Minute meals, and look how cute this one from Next is! check those hearts on the side!

Smoothies would look great in these colourful glasses. The pastel colour is just so lovely and goes so well in Next's Modern Vintage collection. The name 'soda glasses' seems so appropriate and perfect for summer. They can also can add a splash of colour to brighten up any dull, rainy day! Or would look great in a monochrome styled kitchen.

To make the perfect in-season smoothie..

1 Banana/Melon/Mango
140g blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries (or frozen fruits)
Apple juice or Milk (depending if you want it creamier or not)
A hint of lime juice
Whiz everything together until its the consistency you like. Chuck some extra fruit on top and a drizzle of honey  to serve.(Goes really well  with a bowl of Granola and yogurt)
(from bbc good food)