Recipe of the week: peanut butter cookies


I made these Peanut butter cookies from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook a couple of days ago I thought they looked so lovely and homemade in the jar by the window with the shining light through it I had to get a photo! I didn't eat them for a whole day whilst I fixed my camera so I could get the perfect shot, so I hope you appreciate it cause that took alot of will-power! I quote from people who ate them.."They were delicious" "I wish there was more" try them out if you like peanut butter and/or chocolate!

It's the end of half-term so I went for a couple drinks and a pizza with my friends to celebrate and had a lovely night at the pub last night. I had an amazing lie in this morning, did some chores.. picked up my new glasses..which I LOVE!! I havent taken them off since I got them! Went for a long walk with Paul and the dogs and had a lazy evening in front of the fire drinking M&S red wine.( I know!) which i don't usually like but was actually really flavoursome and fruity and listened to Simon and Garfunkle