St. Valentine


Me and Paul went for a walk at the seaside today, we took the dogs on the train, we were a bit skeptical about it cause of how hyper Bobby (the collie) is, Sky (the lurcher) is never a problem she is always very chilled, and never phased by much, apart from birds and cats! We walked all along the beach and then sat in a park overlooking the sea to eat our picnic. I brought a flask with hot chocolate in, which really hit the spot as it was very cold! Dont you just love the flask! so kitsch! (think its my sisters! sorry if your'e reading it and want it back!)I also look very wind swept ( and not so interesting) so please excuse this!
Currently writing this next to the fire with some kettle crisps and a bottle of wine, perfect end to a perfect day. What did you all get up to today?