This is just a little photo of the sequined top (above) I found it in a charity shop, it reminded me of this Topshop cami which I have been eyeing up for a good few months but is now out of stock :( This was the only decent piece of clothing I found on my charity shop crawl! £3.99

I also found "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini, which I have already read whilst I was travelling but finished and therefore had to leave it in Germany.£1.00

I found this book called "Mr Pip" by Lloyd Jones, talk about judging a book by its cover.. I  fell in love with the design on the front, read the blurb and decided to buy it, I've started reading it and I cant put it down! 75p

These great sunnies were my last find on my way home in a shop called "Frock Off" which salvages clothes from recycling centres its great and full of lovely vintage clothes! I saw a huge, cosy fur coat for £24 but I feel its too late to buy winter coats! (need to start thing bikinis and **sunnies*** so it seems)