Bikes and Charity Shops


 Top and skirt: Charity shop
Belt: Zara
Shoes: Primark

1/ I went on a little charity shop haul, brought lots of yummy things that smelt of grannies! All now washed. I wore this top to BFW too, clearly on trend with all the pastle shades on the catwalk! The top was only £4.99 as was the skirt! such bargains! People always say its so hard shopping in charity shops, I must say you have to really dedicate time to trawling through rails of shapeless shirts and flared jeans in size 16, fighting for space with grandmas that you feel like you should be polite to! 
I always feel great telling people where I got my clothes from, I love having one of a kind clothes! not generic topshop/UO "vintage"

2/ This is the bike Paul (my boyfriend) did up for me. Here is 'Rosa's' Story-
I brought this bike back in 2011 for £10 from the recycling centre. It was blue, rusting and pretty  much unridable due to flat tyres and everything.. I cycled it a few times but the tyres were so flat it was such a struggle! 
So for my 19th birthday Paul had spoke to my mum and came to the bike and do it up for me in secret.Afterwards he told me he'd taken it all a part, it had spent its time coming in and out of a box!.Him and his dad scrubbed, resprayed it in the "Rosa" colour and polished all the metal and screwed it al back together! and brought a basket for it. 
When I saw it I thought he had brought me a new bike until i recognised it. He kept the secret from me so well I had no idea! (apart from wondering why he spent so much time at his dads all of a sudden!) it was the perfect gift! and My good friend Edie had brought me a bike bell for my birthday (she knows how much I love bikes!) so all in all a pretty good birthday! :D
That middle photo of me trying to put my unwilling cat into the basket..she did not like it!
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