Clock and Pearl Leaf


I havent really gotten dressed properly this week, I've worn boring, comfy clothes to college and I've had Wed and today off so no outfit posts! I can never be bothered to put on makeup especially to blog, who can!?

1/ I brought a new notebook for art yesterday it's this lovely rust colour and is completely recycled which I really like, if something looks good and is recycled I'm always more drawn to it and am way more likely to buy.
The necklace I got for christmas a while ago from my sister and her boyfriend, its so sweet and simple and goes with everything, the brooch is something my other sister got me for christmas, its vintage cause she knows how much I love vintage and charity shops! 

2/This is the plant that is in my room, and has been in my room since I started this blog in 2010! I did post about it in May and its been alive ever since, so its kind of my blogging plant, and its in bloom at the moment so thats always a good sign.


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