Cupcakes and stripey shorts


Top: H&M
Shorts: Handmade from Dorothy Perkins (judging by the lable they are about 100 years old)
Belt: Topshop
Shoes: Primark

Apple & Vanilla / Orange & Carrot

1/ I went to Crikey its Vintage , vintage market today. It's so lovely and filled with so many unique and handmade stalls like Pink Pepper Vintage and the amazing cupcakes from Kiss and Bake up. I went to the market quite late and didn't mange to find any vintage treats but on my way out I had to buy a KABU cupcake,  (or three) I had by bike and some how managed to transport them home without them breaking or getting squished! I am so excited to eat them for dessert tonight!
just to add... i just had them and they were incredible, we all agreed the orange and carrot were the best, even though the apple and vanilla ones were still delectable! I highly recommend trying one of these!

2/ Excuse my squinty, moody/posey face, I had a bit of a headache and it doesn't look bright but my eyes were being blinded. The shorts are customised, they used to be down past my knees, no idea when really flared calf length stripey trousers were a trend! But they are from Dorthy Perkins (by the label it seems about 10 years ago) so that's probably why! They also handily double up very well as part of a pirate costume! Also finally manged to get my Primark flatforms into a post! I am totally in love with them. I never expected them to be in Primark and I just had to grab them up as they were the only ones left in size 6!! Fate, I think so! 
Do any of you have flatforms, or do you think they are too 70's platform-esque?

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