Elephant print


(This is a close up of the pattern of the blazer! how cool!) 

 Top: H&M
Cardigan Blazer, Jeans Bag: Primark
Coat: H&M Kids
Shoes: River Island
(I'm a real life walking Primark maniquin) 

I went on a Primark shopping spree in Bristol, I was like a kid in a sweet shop, it's so much bigger than the one we have in Exeter. I spent far too much. I also brought some flatforms which I will post about soon! (I was so surprised to see them in Primark of all places)

Then on to see Ben Howard which was amazing, and more amazing that Daughter supported! You might recognise this song from the skins advert. She was so good and so sweet and shy! However I really think here should be some form of gig etiquette
You always get that person who thinks theyre better than the band playing and sing over them in your ear..  if you want to sing, control the volume so everyone around you can still hear the band!

If you're tall, dont stand at the front, surely you get a good enough view over everyones heads anyway

It's not the time for a first date, excessive kissing, groping should be saved for after the gig.. please

Coming in halfway through the first act, drunk, talking loudly, and asking everyone who the support act is. (mistaking Daughter for Lana Del Ray, is not cool!) 

Taking an excessive amount of photos of the band, whatching the gig through your camera screen surely cant be as good?
Taking photos of you and your friends, 'enjoying the gig', during the gig, using flash, blinding everyone is also not cool! 

okay rant over! but seriously please say someone agrees?