Homage to Breton


 Top: H&M
Shoes: New Look
Necklace: Primark

This is what I wore today, simple, but teamed up with an embellished necklace, it jazzed it up a bit. I only went into town quickly so I kinda threw this all together, but I thought it worked well.
I love these Breton tops originating from Brittany in France.
 Audrey Tatou in (Coco Before Chanel), the original Coco Chanel,Clemency Posey, Ashley Olsen and Alexa Chung. All these French/English woman embracing the look and making it look effortless as usual! (all looks found on google)

I went to debenhams to get a colour match with Clinique. I thought it was about time to move on from £5.99 foundations, however much I like the price. The woman was really nice (if a little patronising as I said I had no idea what kind of skin I had! (Dry/ Combonation/Oily) and hardly had a skin care regeme!
I didnt buy the foundation on the spot as I wanted to try it out throughtout the day to see how well it held.  So far its looking good. She convinced me to get the 3step skincare set when I brought the foundation so I could get the gift bag, which came with a smaller version of the skincare products, eyecream, moisturiser, mascara and lip pallette all for £40 which is actually pretty good but I'm convinced £40 is too much to spend on makeup, but my skin for once isnt cracking under the foundation. But by the looks of my skin I think I will go in tomorrow as buy it as it can be an early birthday present...to myself!

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