La petite cuisine à Paris: Croque Madame


After my art teacher told me about a bbc programme about a girl (Rachel Khoo) from Croydon who lives in Paris and cooks up simple French dishes, set in a tiny kitchen which doubles up as a restaurant, I knew I had to watch "The Little Paris Kitchen"
After looking at her website and a few websites she's on I found out she studied at Central St Martins and worked in the world of Fashion PR (so its all relevant on my fashion/baking based blog!)
After watching her first episode, stupidly showing my boyfriend her take on the Croque Madame he wouldnt let it go, I just had to make them! (I'm also about to buy her book from Amazon )

This was mine and Pauls attempt, we had to use brown bread, they tasted amazing, we had beans with them too but they didnt look so good in the photos! I defintely recommend making them, theyre actually really easy, and they look good if you're entertaining!

See the recipe here
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