Picnics and Floral Shirts


  Shirt: Charity Shop
Shorts: Vintage Levis from a local Vintage Shop 'The Real Mccoy'
Shoes, Sunglasses, Jacket: Primark
Rings: Pull and Bear
Bag: Henry Holland ( Debenhams )

1/ Yesterday Paul and I went for a lovely picnic down by the river. Paul took the day off from skating (shock horror!) anyone else have boyfriends who spend their life on a skateboard? We ate breadsticks and phildelphia, strawberries and flapjack! so yummy! 
Unless your some kind of recluse and havent noticed the weather, its really been gorgeous, getting out my legs for the first time and leaving the house felt very odd for march! I loved riding around on my bike in the sun! I'm still feeling very proud of my bike and keep hoping people will come and ask where its from and I can tell them its vintage and one of a kind! hehe

2/ I dont think I will ever be able to keep away from high waisted denim shorts and shirt combo.. such an easy trend to pull off and so easy to put together if you're in a rush! The shirt was another purchase from my chairty shop haul..only £1.99 from Oxfam, and the label says ' House of Fraser Collection' so I'm guessing it might have been a bit pricey! I was shocked by the price, especially for Oxfam which I usually find slighty overpriced for a charity shop, especially now they have their 'vintage' section. None the less it was cheap as chips, and it's where I brought the skirt in the previous post which was 'Lefties,' anyone know if thats a good brand, it had a very American Apparel feel to it, especially the label?

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