Scarlet and Bows


Shirt: No Label
Jeans&Shoes: Primark

1/ This is what I wore today,  I wanted to make the shirt a bit more feminine so I took inspiration from Holly at pickle is a treat  and added a bow to the shirt. I got it from a local craft shop and only cost me 50p for a metre! It's so cheap and gives a plain shirt a bit of edge. 

2/ The shoes I brought today were ony £4! down from £15 so I thought I just had to buy them! Such a bargain! They feel sturdy and are nice and thick which is always a good thing as I find my shoes always wear out really quickly cause I end up wearing them all the time! I need more variation in the shoe department I think. I also brought a white summer dress and those pastel blue sunnies from Primark (I'm sure you all know the ones)
3/ Oh and thats my fluff ball called Scarlet, because of the lovely red tinge she has on her fur, but we call her Meepy cause she meeps alot!

How do you guys spruce up a simple shirt or make a masculine shirt more feminine?

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