Collars and Tips


 Collar tips: Ebay | Shirt: Charity shop (Oxfam) | Skirt: Primark | Shoes: River Island

1/ Had a lovely Easter weekend eating lots of chocolate and relaxing with my sister, we watched lots of films, well 2, but that is more than usual! The Last King of Scotland, was intense but amazing, and Coco before Chanel was as lovely as ever. Was great to spend time with my sister, I never seem to see my sisters very often, they both live so far away :( 

2/ My collar tips finally arrived after about 16 (billion) days of waiting after they got dispatched. I threw them on straight away, they are a bit big but I managed to fold down the collar ends to fit them on. I really think they complete an outfit. I often forget to wear jewellery so they add a nice touch and give an edge to a simple outfit, I am looking forward to fitting them onto more of my shirts.
What do you think? Will you be jazzing up your collars anytime soon?

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