Dip dye


1/ Well I have been very MIA on my blog! Everything's been real hectic with work and the fact my course is finishing in two weeks! I have had no time to catch up with blogs, I am dreading checking my Bloglovin!

2/ Last night I pretty much tie dyed my whole wardrobe, I am a vision in tie dye! I got slightly carried away to say the least..
I brought the dye (ocean blue from Dylon) to tie dye a tee for my boyfriends birthday! (Will try and get a photo of him in it cause it looks dope! ) Firstly I experimented with the colour by dip dyeing this vest top. It's so easy to do! easier than actual tie dying! It's also so in I've seen so many dip dyed clothes in Topshop and Zara I knew I had to give it a go myself... and here is the result. I think it looks pretty good for my first attempt! (the word dye is also starting to look more and more wrong the more I type it!ahh help!)

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