Necklace loving


 1/ A little necklace loving this week! I got these both from Miss Selfridge for £1, Miss Selfridge sales are always the best! The top one was a bit tangled but I managed to untangle it, and the bottom one actually said it was a hairband but looked so much better as a necklace, I really cannot imagine anyone wearing this on their head, I tried it on and it looked ridiculous! I love these two necklaces, and have been wearing them non stop since I brought them!

2/ I've been so busy with my art recently, after finding out that I only have 3 weeks left of my course and then realising I hadn't actually brought a sketchbook, I needed to get on it! This consequently resulted in me mainly reading blogs and not actually doing any myself! So thanks for all keeping me entertained!

3/ SO..after the 8th of May I am going to go blogging mad! (watch out!) gonna sort everything out and me and my friend might start our own little online shop! And I'm going to start saving for Bristol! Please let me know if you know some lovely Bristol blogs or if you are from Bristol and want to meet as I will be lonely when my boyfriend goes skating, If you like tea, charity shops, and cats, let me know!