Cord and velvet


Dress: Gap kids| Shoes: Primark | Belt: Vintage

I found this dress whilst I was in the attic looking for interesting bits and bobs which seem to find themselves hidden away up there! I totally think it looks like a American Apparel type circle dress. (Well I like to think so anyway) It's such a nice thick cord, which I am looking forward to wearing in the winter with some woolly tights and boots. Is it bad I am thinking of winter already? I am really enjoying this sunny weather I promise! Getting my legs out is great fun.  
(Please excuse the wonky sleeves! I hadn't noticed until I had uploaded, and by then it was too late.)
These are my go to going out shoes, I am really short so when all my friends wear little pumps, I wear these to make up the difference! They are really easy to wear not too high, not too low, and have a really nice velvety texture. They are perfect. I got them a while ago back in February  but they selling them again in Primark now so grab a bargain because I think they are on sale!

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