Mod Dolly and Bowler hats


Dress & belt: Mod Dolly | Hat: Ebay | Jacket: Primark | Shoes: New Look
This past month has been so hectic, working with Grazia, moving to Bristol and finding a new job (scored a position at Urban Outfitters!) Yesterday I was in Grazia's magazine, and today I am being featured and introduced on their online site here with some things I have been up to recently. It really was a dream come true, Grazia has got to be one of my favourite magazines to read and it was so surreal seeing myself in the double page spread about my lovely city.
This dress is from Mod Dolly, I saw it a while ago, and fell in love, recently it went into the sale so I had to buy it. It is so pretty don't you think! The lovely Amy also sent me a few extras which will be on the blog in the next couple of days too. Oh yes, and this is my bowler hat again. I might as well glue it to my head I wear it so often!
(oh yes and my mum being the most untechnical person in the whole word, managed to take this photo of me, so a special thanks to her)
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