Room for Improvement


The wonderful people at Money Supermarket challenged me to see if I could change the feel of a room for just £50. 
Challenged accepted.
Room for Improvement” is a campaign launched by MoneySupermarket to showcase how creative we are as a nation when working on a tight budget.


I've always been a bit of a girly girl (ok, a massive girly girl) with pink duvets and bunting.. 
but I have been through some things lately and wanted a fresh start
I decided on a theme a bit different to what I usually go for, I chose some warm coloured bed sheets and found some beautiful cushions. I've always wanted a lantern and found a wonderful red berry scented red candle to go inside. 
The round box I found in a charity shop, I fell in love and had to buy it straight away! 
The throw is second hand but adds a bit of a finishing touch to the whole room. 
I'm loving my new room and definitely going to keep adding to it! 

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