HP Slate and Vogue


Dress (wearing as a top) H&M | Jumper: Zara | Jeans: Topshop 
(oh! how unthrifty of me!) 
It is very unusual for me not to wearing anything from a charity shop, yesterday my whole outfit was so that can make up for my major high street outfit I am wearing here! 

Ever since I received my new Tablet form  Argos, I haven't managed to put it down!  I chose the HP Slate 7inch in Grey, it comes in red as well.. but I definitely  prefer grey as I think it looks a lot more chic.
I downloaded the latest issue of Vogue onto the Magazine app. I've really enjoyed reading the magazine on my tablet as it is super light weight and it fits in my handbag perfectly!  I really love the fact I can read it anywhere as once its been downloaded I no longer need the internet. 
I have just started my course at University in Bristol, where I am studying fashion so  keeping up to date with current designers and trends and  is essential. 
I will definitely be subscribing to more magazines to build up my  collection on the tablet.
Do you guys having interesting ones to suggest? 
Milly x
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