A Taste of the Sun


 A Taste of the Sun - Elizabeth David
Vintage Patterns 1950's - Marnie Fogg
Journal - Rifle Paper Company

I am a sucker for floral, vintage and colourful patterns and stationary . These are a few of my favourites from my book shelf. 

Elizabeth David's book has a selection of her writings and recipes. She was one of the first people to bring over Mediterranean foods to the UK. Her mouthwatering recipes are making me dream of warm summer days by the sea. She describes a picnic with her friends in Marseille, and of course, cheese and Pimms No.1  being an essential for a hot day. (She knows what she's talking about!)

Flicking through 1950's patterns is perfect for an evening of inspiration. I love Lucienne Day's bold colours and abstract shapes. 

I was given this Rifle Paper Cojournal by Paul for Christmas. We are hoping to go travelling in the summer so I cant wait to start my diary! I absolutely love all the designs on  the website. I love keeping up with all the new designs on their blog.

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