DIY: Vanilla scented candles


Over Christmas I wanted to make some of my own gifts, as they give a much more personal touch.
These are prefect for Birthday's, Valentines day or any other special occasion. Even just a rainy day activity,  surprisingly my boyfriend quite liked making them with me. (Of course only because I needed his support for fear of spilling hot wax all over myself, not because he really enjoyed the wonderful smell and satisfying results)
How to make these scented candles
(900g) Soya Wax
10 Pre-waxed wicks
 10ml Essential oil
Wick Holder
Firstly I set up the wicks, you can glue them to the bottom with glue dots, and I wrap the top of the wick around it to keep it in place.
I melted down the wax in a double boiler, and added a few drops of my essential oils (I used a simple vanilla) once the wax had gone see-through I poured it into a jug for easier pouring. 
Once its all in, try and leave it, you may want to touch them ( I know I did) but they come out smoother if they are left until they are complete cooled.
(if you want a more detailed method I just searched 'home made soy wax candles)
the 900g I melted made about 6 small candles.
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