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Home inspiration is one of my favourite things to 'pin'.  I move around quite a lot, since living in Bristol I have moved 3 times, so I have a dream home online that I can fantasize about whilst packing up yet more boxes!
My dream house is all about white space, wooden floors and lots of light. I also love the idea of up cycling- using old boxes for shelves, old books for a bed (or bath) side table, even branches for a kitchen hanger!

 The middle photo is of a sustainable house in Norway, just look at that view! VELUX® take an active part in sustainable living. This is one of the demo buildings VELUX have been involved with. It is designed to enable the residents to make active use of the surrounding nature and local community. Even though it is a 'future' house it draws on the traditional features of Norwegian  architecture by using black wood cladding, and wooden light spruce walls for the interior. 
Scandinavian design is becoming a global phenomenon . The high quality designs are timeless. It is all about being calm, simple and pure yet also fully functional. 

"If people need something, they will buy it. If they don’t need it, it doesn't exist on the market to begin with. "

 It's not just about home decor, but a way of life that exemplifies simplicity and efficiency. I think we all need to embrace a bit of this!   

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