Etsy Favourites #2


Oana Befort, United States 
Another of my favourite bloggers with an Etsy store. She sells beautifully hand drawn art prints. 
Emmie Shop, United Kingdom
Handmade in Cornwall this shop is just amazing! The styling of the brightly 
coloured bags is perfect! Emmie has this shop down to a T and
 I think I might need a new bag soon! 
Cattails Woodwork, Canada
Each piece is handmade by Brenda in her rural studio in Prince Edward Island. 
Each year they plant seedlings to replace the wood they used the year before! How wonderful! 
Snapshot Vintage, United States
If I had money and a big house, this is the only place I would shop! Right?

Shade on Shape, Poland
The colours, the shape. Everything about this is perfect!

(a very plant inspired post but plants just work! Enjoy!) 

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